Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perrier –Jouettë: World's Most Expensive Champagne

"Envying another man’s happiness is madness: you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you had it. Happiness isn’t something that comes ready-made, but tailor-made…”

Harping on the words of André Gide, Perrier –Jouettë has just released an unfinished cuvee, unfinished and genius. The cuvee waits to be “tailor-made” by some of today’s most prestigious individuals. Buyers of one of these exquisite 12-bottle sets will be invited to take a trip of great exclusivity to the Maison Belle Époque, Perrier-Jouët’s private guesthouse--one that has never had its doors open to the public. Once inside you will be greeted by Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps, who will guide you in making a cuvee that will forever be exclusively yours. Your journey to the perfect champagne will begin with a tour of the ultra-secretive cellars and terroirs. Draped with almost 200 original pieces from the Art Nouveau moment, the Maison Belle Époque embodies what Emile Gallé, the master designer who gave Perrier-Jouët its distinctive bottle markings in 1902, was all about—creative inspiration, intimacy and beauty.

Upon the culmination of the tour, Hervé Deschamps will whisk you away deep into the inner haven of his workspace where you will be given a “champagne personality” evaluation. Your tastes, desires, and lifestyle patterns will be amalgamated to help Deschamps create the perfect composition.

The birth of the cuvee starts with the House’s most exclusive foundations—The Perrier-Jouët Fleur de Champagne de Blancs, a magnificent blend of berries picked from the legendary Bourons Leroi and Bourons du Midi. Deschamps will then begin to mold your “baby” into a stunning representation of its “parents” –blending various liquors and sugars until the perfect combination is constructed. Several samples will then be presented just a few hours later. After picking the most felicitous choice, you will sign, alongside Deschamps’ signature, each of the labels that will be affixed to your 12 bottles. These bottles will then be stored for six to 12 months before being delivered to you, to ensure that the liquor has married with the wine.

Assembled in a personalized case, these 12 bottles are meant to remind you and those around you of all your greatest achievements in life—what it took to get this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So raise your glasses high, smile, and toast your Perrier-Jou t By & For…You!

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